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What has changed?

Alaska Museum Day is taking the place of Alaska Museum Week. Last year, we discussed Alaska Museum Week with a group of Alaska museum professionals and came to the conclusion that Alaska Museum Week sometimes feels overwhelming, and that it would be better to focus on one day of Alaska Museum fun and facts. 

By shortening the event and focusing on one day, we hope that more museums will be able to participate in the future.

In 2022, Alaska Museum Day is Monday, June 13.

This is also the first day of International Museum Week, so we will be following the prompt created by the Museum Week organization. That way, museums don't have to create double the content and can spread the message of Alaska Museums internationally. Learn more below!

What is it?

Alaska Museum Day is a celebration of Alaska museums.

The purpose of Alaska Museum Day is to raise awareness of Alaska museums as centers of education, community anchors, economic engines, employers, stewards of culture and history, and more!

We encourage you to use this day in a way that works best for you, your organization, and your community.

How can I participate?

This year, Alaska Museum Day coincides with International Museum Week, so we are asking everyone to respond to the  prompt created by the Museum Week organization.

June 13 is all about Innovation and Culture. We encourage you to think about this topic is several different ways. You can choose to focus on this topic with one lens or the other. Whatever fits most closely to your museum's accomplishments and collections.

  • Showcase the particularly innovative actions that were deployed by your organization, online or offline, to promote and give access to culture. Think about highlighting inclusion, diversity, and equality in your stories. You can let your audience know about the different programming and educational opportunities you provide your community.
      • For instance, do you host online programs that allow more people from across Alaska to attend?
      • Have you translated your labels and tours into other languages?
      • Do you have traveling educational kits that go to schools or other organizations?
      • What about take home educational kits?  
  • You may be more interested in showcasing innovations in culture and history that reference your collection. That's ok, too!

Encourage your local community to participate! The more you involve your community in this process the more it can serve as a publicity and advocacy tool for your museum.

Comprehensive Hashtags: Use the following hashtags when making your social media posts throughout the day, so they can be found by others searching these hashtags.






If you want to participate in the entire week of prompts, download International Museum Week's handout here:

Other Museum Day activity recommendations

  • Show your enthusiasm. Make more than one post a day or host a special event!
  • Create a “small museum” in an unexpected place in your community.
  • Highlight one or more of your current exhibits through an online tour or photo album.
  • Highlight one of your community programs (include its impact).
  • Share visitor stories from your local community on how your museum has impacted them.
  • Visitor, Donor, Member Spotlight.
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