Who We Are

Strengthening museums to strengthen communities.

Alaska’s museums and cultural centers aren’t relics frozen in time — they’re dynamic forces propelling us toward an enriched future, culturally and economically. Engaging with and contributing to museums helps preserve the past and power the future.

Please join us in meeting our mission!

As the statewide museum association, we strengthen museums and cultural centers through funding, research, statewide initiatives, advocacy, professional development, information sharing, and networking. Stronger museums and cultural centers lead to vibrant communities with more robust economies, higher quality of life, and diverse educational opportunities.

What we do

We support every museum and cultural center in Alaska from Utqiaġvik to Ketchikan, Unalaska, and everywhere in between.

Guiding Museum Visitors & Advocates


Journey through the past to the present in Alaska’s 100+ museums and cultural centers. Engage with exhibits, attend thought-provoking seminars, and become part of a community that thrives on learning from those who came before us.

Supporting Museums & Cultural Centers

Our mission is clear:

To equip museum professionals to excel—and lead—in the ever-evolving museum landscape. We offer a variety of resources, workshops, networking events, and grant opportunities to meet this mission. 

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Get Involved

Ready to join the cause?

Whether you're a museum enthusiast, industry professional, or potential sponsor, Museums Alaska welcomes you to:

Explore Alaska Museums

Discover 100+ Alaska museums, spanning from small villages to our biggest city, and explore the rich cultural history of Alaska.

Advocate for Alaska Museums

Advocate for museums — your voice matters in shaping statewide and national priorities for cultural preservation.

Apply for a grant

Get the funding you need for your museum's projects and acquisitions with grants from Museums Alaska.

Attend events

Connect, learn, and thrive at our events — networking, webinars, and our biennial statewide conference await.

Support Museums Alaska

Help shape Alaska's cultural future with board service, membership, or donations.

Become a member

Unlock the benefits of our vibrant community dedicated to preserving and celebrating Alaska's heritage.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our Visionary Partners! Your support allows museums and cultural centers throughout Alaska to flourish.

Rasmuson Foundation logo - The name of the foundation underneath a white winding road or river disappearing into a mountain range.
Rasmuson Foundation
The CIRI Foundation logo - half of a Southcentral Alaska Native mask featuring a person with a halo of feathers. the mask is peeking over the name of the foundation in thin sans serif in all caps. The entire image of linework art and lettering in teal.
The CIRI Foundation
Henry Luce Foundation logo - LUCE in stylized, red typeface spanning the entire height of the three words stacked vertically to the right of the word LUCE in black all caps, reading "Henry Luce Foundation"
Henry Luce Foundation

Our Mission

We strengthen museums and cultural centers across Alaska while enhancing public understanding of their value.