2017 Conference

Anchorage, Alaska,  Sept 27-30, 2017

The Museums Alaska Program Committee is hard at work starting to plan an exciting annual conference for you this fall.

Conference theme:

To be determined!

The Program Committee is currently planning the theme, keynote speaker, and conference sessions.  Please check back for more information as it becomes available.  Interested in getting involved?  Send an email to director(at)museumsalaska(dot)org to be added to the Program Committee and help shape this year’s conference.  Looking forward to working with you!

Co-Chairs, Andrew Goldstein & Della Hall


 Is your community interested in hosting the joint annual conference in the future?

Submit proposals for the 2018 conference and beyond…


• Interested communities should submit a written proposal for a future year conference to the AHS and MA boards one month prior to the conference.

• An action item should be included on the joint board meeting agenda under “new business”. The proposals should be included in the board packets for this meeting.

• Representatives from interested communities may make verbal presentations during this meeting.

• A decision should be made on approximate dates and specific location for the next annual meeting during this joint board meeting.

• The community’s proposal must address the following “Criteria for Selection”.


• Ability of the community to support the conference (hotel capacity, conference center, existence of restaurants, caterers, or food service)

• Existence of a Host Committee in the proposing community and its capacity to fulfill its duties as described in this document

• Representation on the Host Committee of members of AHS and MA

• Diversity of conference locations (the MA and AHS wish to rotate the conference through diverse communities with diverse historical and cultural institutions)

• Potential for attracting registrants

• Potential for earning a net profit


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