Is your community interested in hosting the joint Museums Alaska /Alaska Historical Society annual conference in the future?

Submit proposals for the 2019 conference and beyond…


  • Interested communities should submit a written proposal for a future year conference to the Alaska Historical Society (AHS) and Museums Alaska (MA) boards one month prior to the prior year’s conference.
  • An action item should be included on the joint board meeting agenda under “new business”. The proposals should be included in the board packets for this meeting.
  • Representatives from interested communities may make verbal presentations during this meeting.
  • A decision should be made on approximate dates and specific location for the next annual meeting during this joint board meeting.
  • The community’s proposal must address the following “Criteria for Selection”.


  • Ability of the community to support the conference (hotel capacity, conference center, existence of restaurants, caterers, or food service)
  • Existence of a Host Committee in the proposing community and its capacity to fulfill its duties as described in this document
  • Representation on the Host Committee of members of AHS and MA
  • Diversity of conference locations (the MA and AHS wish to rotate the conference through diverse communities with diverse historical and cultural institutions)
  • Potential for attracting registrants
  • Potential for earning a net profit

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