Discover Alaska's museums and cultural centers

Alaska museums and cultural centers are storytellers. They share tales of our communities from Utqiaġvik to Ketchikan and everywhere in between.

Alaska Jewish Museum in Anchorage

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Explore Alaska's History & Culture

Explore Alaska’s heritage with this interactive map. Travel across Alaska to visit museums and cultural centers and see stories come alive from Alaska’s past to the present.

Museums Are Assets

Alaska Museum of Science and Nature in Anchorage

Museums and cultural centers are assets to our communities in more ways than one.

They play in indispensable role in Alaska’s economy, community engagement, and education.

Economic Impact

Museums and cultural centers are economic powerhouses

In our last survey 25% of our museums and cultural centers responded with the following information:

Event at the Pratt Museum in Homer


Number of museums and cultural centers.


Number of employees.


Number of visitors served.


Number of students served.

$114 million

Economic impact for Alaska.

The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) found that museums yield a remarkable return on investment, generating over $5 in tax revenues for every $1 received in funding from all levels of government.