What we do

We're a dynamic, nonprofit professional association, helping to strengthen the museums and cultural centers in Alaska.

We speak up for museums

We never stop bragging about how museums and cultural centers strengthen the communities in which they reside—and improve the economies of our state.

We break down silos

We bring our state’s museums and cultural centers together to share knowledge and create meaningful connections—through statewide meetings, online networking, and individual introductions.

We transform curiosity into knowledge

We are the premier professional development provider for the museums and cultural centers in Alaska. Whether someone is new to the field or a pro—we develop training to fit their needs.

We fund museums and cultural centers

We work with individual, foundation, and corporate donors to create and manage statewide grant programs that support individual and organizational needs.

We advance the field

We aren’t content with the status quo. We develop initiatives and identify innovative solutions to move the field forward—meeting the ever-evolving needs of our communities.

We listen

We keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the state and in the field and regularly connect with our state's museums and cultural centers, so we can provide the solutions they need.

Join Us

If you’re passionate about Alaska's cultural heritage, consider joining us!

Our Work


Museums Alaska serves as the statewide professional association, supporting museums and cultural centers through:

Training, Networking, and Professional Education

Providing vital education and networking opportunities to strengthen Alaskan culture and its preservation.

Grant Programs

Funding initiatives to support Alaska's museums and cultural centers and ensure the care of the state’s history and treasures.

Information Clearinghouse

Serving as a central hub for information related to Alaskan culture’s institutions.


Advocating for museums at local, state, and national levels.

Statewide Initiatives

Managing statewide programs that have the potential to change the field.

Statewide Conference

Hosting our biennial conference—the largest, most comprehensive professional development event for our field.

Job Board

Assisting museums and cultural centers with finding the perfect team member for their open positions.


Presenting awards to the best in our field, thanking them for their service and showing our appreciation for their hard work.