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Year Round Advocacy


Museums and cultural centers contribute to our economy and well being through employment and cultural tourism. They educate children and adults and enrich communities. Each year, Museums Alaska will make a commitment to establishing a set of legislative priorities. These priorities will address the most pressing needs of museums and cultural institutions around the state as determined by the Museums Alaska Board of Directors and its membership.

Based on the current recession facing the State of Alaska, the legislative priorities for 2018 do not contain two items that we strive to see funded once the financial situation improves. However, we will continue to advocate for these items on a continual basis to ensure that they do not lose momentum:

In an effort to support the sustainability of this sector, the Alaska state government needs to implement legislation that will allow the growing number of museums and cultural centers in this state to build and maintain their educational facilities. This is why MA continues to advocate for the museum construction grant program on an annual basis.

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