Alaska Museum Survey 2020

The Alaska State Museum, in partnership with Museums Alaska, is conducting a survey of Alaska museums. This survey, mandated by AS 14.57.010(7), is conducted every 10 years.

To help you prepare to take the online survey, please use this template to gather relevant information:

Survey Template

Your participation in the 2020 survey is essential. This once-a-decade survey is akin to the census for Alaska museums. Your participation will help us to promote the important work of our sector and communicate our needs. We will use the data to determine field-wide funding and training priorities, advocate for museums, and measure how Alaska’s museum field has changed over time. 

Gail Anderson & Associates will be creating a report from the submitted survey data, and you will receive a copy of the report. This report will be an accurate and telling profile of Alaska’s museum community—a profile that will be useful to you.

Please submit answers for your institution to assure your museum is counted. Only one response from each institution is needed. You should have received an email invitation from Alaska State Museum Curator of Statewide Services, Anjuli Grantham. If you did not receive an invitation, and you believe you should have, please contact us to verify your contact information.