Advocacy Alert: Museum of the North

8/29/2019 UPDATE: The below information was provided to the museum advocacy community in July 2019. As of August 2019, the Governor signed a three year deal with the University of Alaska System, which no longer targets the Museum of the North.

The Alaska State Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has proposed a two-year reduction in funding to the University of Alaska system in targeted areas, eliminating all funding for the Museum of the North this fiscal year.

As members of the statewide museum community, your voice matters on this issue.

You can reach the Governor and your legislators by email, phone, social media, or mail. 

You can also contact the University of Alaska Board of Regents and President:

UA Board of Regents Website

UA Board of Regents Email

UA President Website

UA President Email

The Governor can be reached the following ways:

Email the Governor

Governor’s mailing address and phone number

Find out who your Senators and Representatives are with this interactive map, and then find their contact information below:

Alaska State Senate

Alaska House of Representatives

The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) maintains an Advocacy webpage that allows you to find your elected officials by entering your address. There you will find your federal and state elected officials, including address, phone number, and social media handles.

Consider sharing a Facebook post or Tweet and tagging your elected officials:

“The University of Alaska Museum of the North means so much to me. Please help protect these resources @[insert social media handle]”

You can also send a 50 word message to your legislators, using the link below.

Write a 50 word message

Museums Alaska member Angela Linn has shared an article on her personal blog  about this issue.

Museums Alaska’s Board of Directors has identified education funding to the Museum of the North as one of our top legislative priorities this year.

Letter from the Museums Alaska Board of Directors to the University of Alaska Board of Regents

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Museums Alaska maintains resources on our website to help you navigate the Alaska legislative process here. We will continue to share more resources and information as it becomes available.

We also hold a monthly Advocacy Task Force teleconference meeting, that is open to anyone interested in advocating on behalf of Alaska’s museums. Please join us!