Museums Alaska Announces New Logo

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Museums Alaska’s new logo, 2018, designed by Emily Longbrake

Museums Alaska is excited to announce a new logo that symbolizes our institutional values and future direction of our organization.

We are inspired by our members to “think outside the vitrine” in the sense that museums are much more than exhibits, as educational hubs, home to incredible artifacts, and spaces for reflection and ongoing learning. As a symbol of our membership organization, the logo demonstrates how multiple parts can come together to form a whole. Just as the components of a stained glass window or patchwork quilt rely on each other to maintain structure, the new logo illustrates how Museums Alaska strives to create a strong foundation for an inclusive environment for Alaska’s museum professionals and organizations to come together.

The Board of Directors is proud to present a new logo inspired by the unique connections and innovation shared among Alaska’s Museums. The new logo illustrates how much Museums Alaska, as a statewide organization, continues to grow and adapt to meet the needs of the Alaska museum community and their visitors.


Museum’s Alaska’s first logo, developed ca. 1984 by Wanda Chin