Why Attend the Conference? 3 Reasons from Sarah Harrington

This article was written by 2017 Donna Matthews Professional Development Fund scholarship recipient Sarah Harrington.

The Museums Alaska/Alaska Historical Society Conference brings together all kinds of passionate professionals to connect, inspire, and transform skillsets and experiences across our great state.  Writers, curators, educators, store managers, researchers, gallery hosts, board members, and beyond, the conference has plenty to offer for any interest or application.

If you’re not sure that the conference is worth the time, the cost, the effort, here are three reasons why you’re out of your gourd not to join us in 2018:

  1. Meet colleagues in person. Everyone at the MA/AHS Conference has a connection with you, take a moment to discover how. Discover the allies you never knew you had. Slay your grant writing and reporting fears by meeting the people who review and support your work. Connect with other professionals who can help make your job easier in ways you never thought possible: exhibit designers, outreach specialists, and more. Meet colleagues and build a meaningful and lasting support network face to face rather through a series of tubes that connect thousands of miles between our broad-reaching Alaskan communities. Next time you have a question to throw at the listserv, you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to.
  2. Incredible value and unbelievable fun. Opportunities pop up continuously at the MA/AHS Conference that you don’t want to miss. Go out on the town on a guided tour of historic bars led by Doug Vandegraft, author of A Guide to the Notorious Bars of Alaska. Get a VIP tour of exhibits and programs, discuss the research and learn the tricks that bring it to life. Grab a bite at lunch with professionals you’ve heard of but never had reason to reach out to before. From dawn till dusk and then some, the MA/AHS Conference is packed full of inspiration that will reinvigorate your work at home.
  3. The conference schedule is full of impactful stories that will change your views and deepen your understanding of the meaningful work we do. Powerful keynote speakers, engaging workshops, informative sessions. Each conference elevates you to the highest level of #museumlove perspective and analysis. The experience transforms your view and inspires personal connections. In other words, it reminds you why you do what you do. The work we do gives us worth and meaningful because we love what we do. And because we love what we do, our work is truly great.

Attendees come year after year, knowing that they will leave the conference rejuvenated with an expanded network of colleagues and exciting new ideas to bring home. The conference doubles as a fun getaway focused on personal passions just as much as professional development for many.

The bottom line is that the Museums Alaska/Alaska Historical Society Conference is not to be missed.

Click here to join us for the 2018 Museums Alaska/Alaska Historical Society in Nome, Alaska!