Changes to AAF & CMF Guidelines

Beginning in 2024, we will be requiring all AAF and CMF applicants to be organizational members of Museums Alaska. This is a new requirement.

As much as we would like to behave a like a foundation and award grants as a free service to our field, we aren’t a foundation. We’re a museum association that relies on our field to sustain our operations.

We apply to Rasmuson Foundation every three years for the AAF & CMF funding through their Tier II application. We view managing these grants as a valued partnership with Rasmuson Foundation and as an important service to our museum community. But we can’t continue to provide these grants without buy-in from the museums who benefit from them. 

Most of our applicants are members, and we thank you for your support over the years!

It is our hope that even with our recent increase in membership rates, our rates are low enough that requiring membership will not be too much of a burden on prospective applicants. 

If you do foresee an issue with this new requirement, please let us know by contacting Dixie at di******@mu***********.org or 907-371-4348.