2022 – Kodiak History Museum – Award for Excellence in the Field

Over the past few years, the Kodiak History Museum has been undergoing major changes and improvements—from their renovation and name change several years ago to beginning the process to digitize their entire collection. They have also created a social justice exhibition model to develop more community-driven exhibitions, managed a major asphalt art project for the community, created a virtual, self-guided tour to increase access to their building and exhibits, and made a major move towards pay equity with a 23% increase in staff wages earlier this year.

The Kodiak History Museum has shown they are leaders the field in many areas, especially in community-engagement, access, and pay equity. All of the initiatives they have implemented show their innovative spirit in creating new solutions to difficult challenges. It’s been fun to see all the amazing news coming out of Kodiak, and we’re excited to see what they do next!