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URGENT: Advocate for Grant-in-Aid

The Governor’s Office has eliminated the Grant-In-Aid program from their budget as one of the many cuts they proposed statewide. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED to advocate for the program.

The Museums Alaska board has provided a template letter for you to send to your legislators. Feel free to use the template or write a letter of your own.

GIA letter of support template 2018

HOW TO SEND your letter:

1. Find out who your legislators are:

Know what district you’re in? Look here to find out who your legislators are.

Don’t know what district you’re in? Check out this handy google map, or this website.

2. Find their email address and mailing address.

Senate can be found here: http://akleg.gov/senate.php

House can be found here: http://akleg.gov/house.php

Click on their name, and you will find all of their contact information.

TIP: Email addresses are all Senator.FirstName.LastName@akleg.gov or Representative.FirstName.LastName@akleg.gov.

3. Email AND mail a hard copy of your letter.

Please ACT NOW! This is a time sensitive issue, as the  Legislature will begin working on the budget when the legislative session begins January 16, 2018.

More information about the Grant-in-Aid program can be found here: http://museums.alaska.gov/gia.html.

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