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Thank you from Lani Hotch

NB: Lani Hotch, 2016 recipient of Museums Alaska’s “Award for Excellence in the Museum Field,” asked to share the following message with our members.
Dear Museums Alaska members,
It was quite and honor to receive the “Award for Excellence in the Museum Field,” seemingly right out of the gate, but in retrospect the opening of the Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage and Bald Eagle Preserve Visitor Center was the culmination of many years of work.  I also wanted to acknowledge the Alaska State Museum Staff for all the help that they provided—especially Bob Banghart, Steve Henrikson, and Scott and Ellen Carrlee. The ASM folks were always willing to answer questions, give advice, sit in on meetings and help come up with solutions to the challenges we had.  I would also like to acknowledge the Exhibit AK staff—  Sarah Asper-Smith, Ariel Rolfe and Aaron Suring—- as they were also a tremendous help in getting the exhibits in place and they are great professionals to work with.  People give me a lot of credit for our heritage center but it wasn’t just me.  We had a whole group of local people working on this and we could not have done it without the help of a lot of people from outside of Klukwan as well.   I have attached a copy of our Grand Opening program to show the acknowledgement of all the financial support we received.  Once again, aatlein gunalcheesh, ( A big thank you) to Museums Alaska for the big honor.
Lani Hotch, JKHC Executive Director  

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