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Rasmuson Foundation Art Acquisition Program

The Rasmuson Foundation and Museums Alaska are pleased to announce funding for the 2012 Art Acquisition Program. Museums Alaska is once again administering this program and will be contacting all Alaska Museums and Alaska Culture Centers to invite them to participate.

Guidelines and forms are available from the Project Administrator, Michael Hawfield.

This year, more than $300,000 will be available for art acquisitions. For the most part, the Art Acquisition Fund is unchanged. But there are several aspects that are new.

WHAT IS NEW in the 2012 Program:

In 2011, the Rasmuson Foundation took the opportunity of reviewing the Art Acquisition program to determine if it was meeting the needs of Alaska artists, museums and culture centers, and the overall goals of the Foundation. As a result, new guidelines and a new application form have been created.

In addition, the Foundation determined that each work purchased should have an “Image Use Authorization Form” signed by the artist and the institution so that the Foundation can publish (normally on its website) images of the artwork purchased through the program.

Here is a summary of new provisions in the Art Acquisition Program:

  1. Applicants shall submit an exhibition program plan as part of the application process;
  2. Funding “caps” for individual organizations has been eliminated, but establishes a fund ceiling of $35,000 per organization;
  3. No purchase limit (other than “overall ceiling”) on a single work of art;
  4. A digital image of each work will be required at time of application;
  5. An “Image Use Authorization Form” is requested for each acquisition.
  6. The program has established an application deadline of July 30, 2012. Approval of grants to individual organizations for purchases will take place following the deadline. Any remaining grant funds undistributed following the July 30th deadline will be available for an additional round of applications. Each organization will be notified if another funding opportunity exists.

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