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Letter Regarding 2018 Grants

Dear Alaska Museum Colleagues:

For the past thirteen years, Museums Alaska has enjoyed a strong partnership with the Rasmuson Foundation, including the oversight of two successful and very necessary grant programs: the Rasmuson Art Acquisition Fund (AAF) and the Collections Management Fund (CMF). Many of you have applied for funding through these programs, adding to your permanent collections and bolstering your collections care activities using the monies awarded.

In 2018, the process by which Museums Alaska receives funding for the AAF and CMF will be changing. The new process will require Museums Alaska to apply for a Tier II multi-year grant from the Rasmuson Foundation. This change will be a positive one because it will enable Museum Alaska to more actively solicit feedback from the Alaskan museum community and represent those needs in the process of applying for funding.

Earlier this year, the Rasmuson Foundation and Museums Alaska hired a contractor to evaluate the Art Acquisition Fund and Collections Management Fund programs. The goal of this evaluation, which is still underway, is to better understand the needs of those museums and artists that benefit from these grant programs and how the programs can be improved. The resulting report will help shape how Museums Alaska approaches these grant programs in 2018. The report will be completed later this fall.

The transition period for Museums Alaska to move towards submitting a Tier II grant will take time. Prior to submitting our first Tier II grant application to fund these grant programs, Museums Alaska will take time to review the 2017 AAF and CMF evaluation in order to make valuable changes to the program. Therefore, Museums Alaska will be unable to solicit applications for AAF or CMF grant programs in the spring of 2018. We anticipate submitting our Tier II grant application to Rasmuson early next year and expect to have funding in place for these programs in time to take applications for both programs in fall 2018.

Museums Alaska and the Rasmuson Foundation have every intention of continuing to partner in support of museums and cultural centers in the state. We plan to continue to offer financial assistance with art acquisitions and collections care needs and potentially other needs as a result of this newly restructured partnership. We look forward to working with you and becoming more acquainted with your organization’s goals and ambitions as part of this process.

Museums Alaska Board of Directors

Letter Regarding 2018 Grants (PDF)

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