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Final Call for Sessions – MA 2013 Conference

The Museums Alaska Program Committee has recommended the following theme and keynote speaker for the 2013 MA Conference:

Collaborations: Coming Together for Museums

Keynote: Michael Gates

Michael is a trained archaeologist, conservator, and calls himself a History Hunter.  He has published 3 books: Gold at Forty-Mile Creek, History Hunting, and Dalton’s Gold Rush Trail.  He is retired from Parks Canada and is now a major force in advocating the Canadian government return (laid-off) staff to the Canadian parks.  He worked for many years to professionalize their collections and exhibits process.

We’ve received a great number of conference session ideas and are looking forward to lining up panelists and participants. Please let us know by Friday February 22 if you have interest in participating in a session, workshop or have more ideas for sessions related to the theme. We believe the theme affords us a breadth of topics, from hands-on skills to joint advocacy efforts, and we hope to encourage collaborative delivery of conference sessions where we learn from each other. On our 30th Anniversary, we are inspired by a statement of one committee member: In a state so vast and remote, our greatest resource is each other.

Below is a listing of potential sessions. We look forward to hearing from you by the 22nd.  Email the committee


The conference will be in Haines this year: Sept 25-28, 2013

Feb 15 is the last chance to be entered into a drawing for a free conference registration by joining/renewing your Museum Alaska membership (all memberships expire Dec 31).


Potential Sessions

Legal Issues in Collections Management: Federal & State Permits

Technology & Social Media 2.0: How to set them up and use them to make your work more productive

Museum Advocacy 101

Museum Publishing 101

Museum Marketing 101

Archaeology Collections Management

SketchUp for Museums


Engaging Visitors with Technology: A How-To

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Litigation Records 2 Decades Years after the Spill

AAM Accreditation: An Update

Museum Renovations, Upgrades, Expansions

Natural History Collections

Taxidermy Specimens in Collections

Museum Stores: art sales and general management

Museum leadership development

Museum Tips: 15 min tips from professionals

Filling out the AAM Standard Facilities Report

Museum Q&A

Alaska demographics

You Got the Grant. Now What? Strategies for Working with Funders

Potential Workshops

Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Preparedness Drill

Moving Collections

Museum Boot Camp

Grant submittal workshop

Exhibits – hands on (Sketch Up, Cases & Mounts, Installation)

Let us know how you want to be involved!

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