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Annual Conference 2013

The 2013 conference was held in Haines, AK  September 25-28, 2013

Read a recap of the 2013 conference on the Western Museum Association’s WestMuse Blog. http://westmuse.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/museums-alaska-2013/

We had a fantastic 30th Anniversary gathering in Haines and would like to thank our Haines hosts at the Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center as well as both Program Committees of MA and AHS for a fabulous conference. If you missed it, you can browse the Conference Program – we hope to post session materials online soon.

Museums Alaska and the Alaska Historical Society honored our friends who passed away in the last year. Read the 2013 memorials.

The 2014 conference will be in Seward, AK October 1-4, 2014.

Museums Alaska’s theme and keynote speaker for the 2013 Conference:

Collaborations: Coming Together for Museums

Keynote: Michael Gates

Michael is a trained archaeologist, conservator, and calls himself a History Hunter.  He has published 3 books: Gold at Forty-Mile Creek, History Hunting, and Dalton’s Gold Rush Trail.  He is retired from Parks Canada and is now a major force in advocating the Canadian government return (laid-off) staff to the Canadian parks.  He worked for many years to professionalize their collections and exhibits process.

Alaska Historical Society’s theme and keynote speaker for the 2013 Conference:


Keynote: Jacqueline Johnson Pata

Executive Director, National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), Sealaska Board Member and Klukwan descendant. She is a member of the Raven/Sockeye Clan of the Tlingit Tribe and a member of the Central Council of the Tlingit-Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. Mrs. Pata was the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Native American Programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the Clinton Administration.

Scholarship and award nomination information will soon be posted below – check back!

Angels Project 2013, Haines

Please consider volunteering your time and expertise at this year’s Angels Project in Haines.  The Angels Project will occur on 9am – 4pm, Tuesday September 23 (the day before the pre-conference workshops).  This year we will be helping out 5 worthy, local  institutions with an exhibit related project.  The Angels Project is helping to prepare each venue for the Museums Alaska pre-conference Workshop “Exhibits Hands-on Style,”  which will occur the next day.  So if you are considering doing that workshop, you should also consider helping out with the Angels Project to get the most bang for your buck.

Contact Scott Carrlee to become a 2013 Angel.  1-888-913-6873 (Toll-free in AK) or 907-465-4806

Museums Alaska-Alaska Historical Society Joint Annual Conference

 Is your community interested in hosting the joint annual conference in the future?

Submit proposals for the 2015 conference and beyond…


Interested communities should submit a written proposal for a future year conference to the AHS and MA boards one month prior to the conference.

An action item should be included on the joint board meeting agenda under “new business”. The proposals should be included in the board packets for this meeting.

Representatives from interested communities may make verbal presentations during this meeting.

A decision should be made on approximate dates and specific location for the next annual meeting during this joint board meeting.

The community’s proposal must address the following “Criteria for Selection”.


Ability of the community to support the conference (hotel capacity, conference center, existence of restaurants, caterers, or food service)

Existence of a Host Committee in the proposing community and its capacity to fulfill its duties as described in this document

Representation on the Host Committee of members of AHS and MA

Diversity of conference locations (the MA and AHS wish to rotate the conference through diverse communities with diverse historical and cultural institutions)

Potential for attracting registrants

Potential for earning a net profit

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  1. I don’t live there, but how ’bout Kenai or Soldotna. They seem to need a local history shot in the arm.

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