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Collections Manager, Museum of the Aleutians

POSITION:  Collections Manager

CLASS:  Full Time, Salary         SALARY: $55,000

REPORTS TO: Director              MONITORS:  Volunteers, Interns

SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for carrying out the mission and policies of the museum through management of departmental activities, including the proper storage, conservation, handling and documentation of the Museum’s collections, volunteers, planning and communication, developing grants, providing information services, assistance with exhibit development.


  1. To provide proper care and maintenance of MOTA collections and promote public awareness of, and understanding of, the rich cultural heritage and history of the Aleutian Islands region.
  1. To engage the public by providing access to collections in new and innovative ways.
  2. Enhance credibility of MOTA through development and cultivation of professional contacts.

Resumes and a cover letter can be sent to the Museum of the Aleutians at museumofthealeutians(at)gmail.com. If you are interested in discussing the position, and the unique working environment of Unalaska, arrangements can be made during the Museums Alaska Annual Conference, in Juneau, September 21-24 or the Western Museums Association Conference, in Phoenix, September 25-28, 2016.

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