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Museums and cultural Centers contribute to our economy and well being through employment and cultural tourism.  They educate children and adults and enrich communities.

To learn more about the importance of museums and some of our advocacy efforts, please click on the supporting briefs below:

Economic and Educational Impact of Alaska’s Museums (2015)
Capital Improvement Project Needs of Alaska’s Museums (2015)
Infrastructure Needs Study of Alaska Museums (2014)
The Impact of Museum Field Trips on Students  from createquity.com

Support the Museums Construction Grant Program
(SB7 and HB166)

Use this SB7 Testimonial Template to help you write in support of the legislation.


Template letter to local official
2016 congratualtions letter template
My Museum Support Letter

Advocacy ideas:

American Alliance of Museums advocacy resources
Western Museums Association advocacy page
American Association of State and Local History
Small Museums Association advocacy 101

Questions? Ideas? Feel free to contact the Co-Chairs of the Advocacy Committee, Patricia Relay and Michele Miller.

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