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When is it?

Alaska Museum Week takes place the first full week in June.

In 2021, Alaska Museum week is June 7-13.

What is it?

Alaska Museum Week is a celebration of Alaska museums. This year our museum week coincides with International Museum Week, so we're going to join museums around the world in using the same prompts and hashtags.

The purpose of Alaska Museum Week is to raise awareness of Alaska museums as centers of education, community anchors, economic engines, employers, stewards of culture and history, and more!

We encourage you to use this week in a way that works best for you, your organization, and your community.

How can I participate?

The sky is the limit! We hope you'll get creative. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Encourage your local community to participate! The more you involve your community in this process the more it can serve as a publicity and advocacy tool for your museum.

Comprehensive Hashtags: Help the community keep your news in the now by using the following hashtags when making your social media posts throughout the week

#AKmuseums #AKmuseumweek #AKmuseumsmatter

Hashtag Prompts: These are the hashtag prompts from International Museums Week for use on social media. Find ideas on how to use these prompts below:

          • Monday, June 7:  #OnceUponATimeMW
          • Tuesday, June 8:  #BehindTheScenesMW
          • Wednesday, June 9:  #ChildrensEyesMW
          • Thursday, June 10:  #EurekaMW
          • Friday, June 11:  #CaptionThisMW
          • Saturday, June 12:  #ArtIsEverywhereMW
          • Sunday, June 13:  #WordsForTheFutureMW

Download International Museum Week's handout:

THEME DAYS: Schedule your posts NOW!

Monday, June 7: #OnceUponAtimeMW

Once upon a time, the first day of #MuseumWeek 2021 starts with the theme of "beginning"! Beginning of a book, beginning of a song, beginning of a story, beginning of an era...get creative, explore this theme, and share your finds!

Share anecdotes about the beginnings of theories, artistic trends or the origins of famous people! Share the first lines of books from your library or store! #AKmuseumweek

Other Related Hashtags: #incipit #beginning #birth #origin #root #prelude #start #flying #first #initial


Tuesday, June 8: #BehindTheScenesMW

Ah, backstage! Without the backstage, there is no show! Exploring the hidden treasures as if you had the privileged access, that's a nice theme for this second day of the #MuseumWeek!

Let the public discover the daily life of your institutions, your backstage and maybe some well-kept secrets! If your museum is or has been closed, now is the time to tell how life goes on your side!

Other Related Hashtags: #secret #decor #confidential #preparation #behindthescenes


Wednesday, June 9: #ChildrensEyesMW

It's Wednesday, the children's day!

Tell your museum's story through children's eyes! Ask local children to describe their favorite thing in your museums. Ask fans to describe the their favorite childhood memories of visiting your museum.

Have a day where you answer chidren's questions about your collection. Ask for questions in advance and then answer them on Wednesday.

Other Related Hashtags: #childhood #questions #surprise #delight #memories


Thursday, June 10: #EurekaMW

A tribute to inventors and inventions of all kinds on this fourth day of #MuseumWeek with the nod to those who love to exclaim "I've figured it out!”.

Art, science and history are bursting with inventors, techniques and discoveries that have changed or revolutionized the world . Let the public discover them!

Other Related Hashtags: #solution #DIY #discovery #invention #success #tricks #FoundIt


Friday, June 11: #CaptionThisMW

A Friday is dedicated to play, interaction and creativity between the museums and their online audiences!

Challenge your followers with content from your museum: "What would you have called this painting? ", "Give this intriguing scientific image a title!", "What is the name of this symphony?

Other Related Hashtags: #legend #imagination #title #name #captions #contest


Saturday, June 12: #ArtIsEverywhereMW

Art, design, beauty, and poetry are to be found everywhere for those who are willing to look closely! Who hasn't been cloud spotting, finding familiar shapes, be it in a cloud, a tree branch or a puddle of water? Today, let's approach it as an investigation, take a snapshot or record a video, and share!

By showcasing design views of the building's interior or exterior, its architecture, or simply finding beauty and art where none was necessarily intended, museum community managers will showcase creativity and give a different look at their cultural venue!

Other Related Hashtags: #gestalt #beauty #StreetArt #iLoveDesign #design #Poesie #imagination #anthropomorphisms


Sunday, June 13: #WordsForTheFutureMW

Leave a note, a photo, a video, a statement for future generations.

This is an opportunity to publish messages for future visitors! You can talk about a future project your museum will be undertaking, your museums' hopes for the future, future finds in your museum's field of expertise. You can also printout feedback forms to be filled by your visitors—what they want to see in the future.

Other Related Hashtags: #future #musings #inspiration #WordsForTheFuture, #ForTheFuture, #MemoryOfTheFuture, #TheWorldAfter, #ForFutureGenerations, #MessageInABottle

Other Museum Week activity recommendations

  • Show your enthusiasm. make more than one post a day or host a special event!
  • Create a “small museum” in an unexpected place in your community.
  • Highlight one or more of your current exhibits through an online tour or photo album
  • Highlight one of your community programs (include its impact)
  • Share visitor stories from your local community on how your museum has impacted them
  • Post a picture and description of your News of the Weird (oddities in your institution’s collections)
  • Highlight how your staff is working during COVID-19 restrictions
  • Visitor, Donor, Member Spotlight
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