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Deadline Extended for Program Assessment RFP

The deadline has been extended for submitting proposals to assess the Collections Management Fund and Art Acquisition Fund programs, to April 14, 2017.

This program assessment is intended to identify aspects of program design,
structure, and process that can be improved. Some particular aspects of the
evaluation include the following questions:

  • Do the AAF and CMF programs have continued value to the museum
    community? Is there continued interest in the programs?
  • Do museums have the same capacity to collect that they had when the AAF
    program started 14 years ago? As an example, is there sufficient space for
    individual museums to continue to grow a contemporary collection?
  • Is the current level of funding in both programs adequate? Is it too much or
    too little?
  • What would be the impacts of changes to the granting cycle (i.e. once per
    year or once every two years)?
  • Are there any structural changes that would improve these programs?
  • Do these grants impact the Alaska contemporary art market/economy in any
    measurable way?

View the Request for Proposals

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