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Collections Care workshop

The Seldovia Museum/Seldovia Village Tribe, in collaboration with the Seward Community Library and Museum, is offering a Collections Care workshop Feb. 28th – March 3, 2017. The workshop will include the basics of caring for (and identifying problems with) materials commonly found in museum collections, simple preventative conservation and cleaning methods, object rehousing and creating storage supports. We will also have a community evening where we invite members of the public to bring in personal collections for advice on care and storage. There will be lots of hands-on learning with a focus on practical skills.
Please see the flyer for more details. Thanks to a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services, the workshop is offered at no charge, and participants will receive some collections-care tools and sample materials to take home. However, participants will be responsible for travel to Seward, lodging costs and most meals.
Staff members of small museums will receive registration priority. Please contact Jan Yaeger at jyaeger(at)svt(dot)org or 435-3245 for more information. (Note: Jan will be traveling from December 22 to January 8th; calls and emails will be returned as soon as possible after that date.)
This is shaping up to be a great workshop – we hope you will be able to join us in Seward!

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