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Collections Care workshop

The Seldovia Museum/Seldovia Village Tribe, in collaboration with the Seward Community Library and Museum, is offering a Collections Care workshop Feb. 28th – March 3, 2017. The workshop will include the basics of caring for (and identifying problems with) materials commonly found in museum collections, simple preventative conservation and cleaning methods, object rehousing and creating […]

Hammer Museum hiring intern

The Hammer Museum is now accepting applications for their 2017 summer internship program. Founded in Haines, Alaska the Hammer Museum holds a collection that’s just as surprising as the majestic coastal mountains that surround it.  This museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the hammer, man’s first tool. With 2,000 hammers […]

Project: Museum Education through Early Literacy Programming

by Madeline McGraw As the only museum staff member in a combined library and museum, I am often faced with unique challenges and possibilities. Our staff is very small, so rather than spreading ourselves too thin, we often choose a single issue and find multiple ways of engaging with it. This year, one of our […]

Arts Integration and Innovation in Museum Education

by Madeline McGraw When I arrived in Juneau and looked over the 2016 conference schedule, I was delighted to see that there would be a session that focused on museum education and the arts. I attended the conference with my museum’s program coordinator, and I was excited that we could attend this session together and […]

Does the LEPC have your number? Disaster Planning

By CJ Jones This session was designed to provide guidelines for disaster pre-planning in your museum.  We discussed the difference between an EMERGENCY (A man-made or natural incident that requires immediate response) versus a DISASTER (A man-made or natural incident that overwhelms the response system) and preparing for both so that an emergency doesn’t necessarily […]

Intellectual Property Rights for Cultural Organizations write-up

by Charles Hilton In Juneau, I attended the session on Intellectual Property Rights for Cultural Organizations by Freya Anderson of the Alaska State Library.  Of course, copyright law is really complex and incredibly boring, but Freya presented in a context that was easy to follow and very relevant for academic institutions.  Organizations like Creative Commons were discussed along with […]