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Board Nominations

Join Us!

In 2014, the Museums Alaska Board of Directors completed an inspirational strategic plan to carry the organization through 2020. Now is the time to jump in and work with us on exciting new programs and future plans!

THE NOMINATION PERIOD IS NOT YET OPEN. Check back for more details.

A Museums Alaska board member can serve two 3-years terms; must be a member in good standing; receives no compensation; must attend the annual meeting and three quarterly teleconferences; serves on one or more committees; and works to effectively promote Museums Alaska to the membership and other agencies and organizations.

The procedure for submitting nominations is as follows:  a member may nominate another person with that person’s consent, or a member may self-nominate.  All nominations must be accompanied by a 100-word biography narrative statement with one to two sentences about why he/she wants to serve on the Board. All nomination materials below should be emailed or mailed to the contact address below.

The call for nominations will be open in mid-August, after which a slate of candidates will be sent to you by email, and voting by electronic ballot will take place from August 23—September 22, 2016. Paper ballots will also be available at the Annual Museums Alaska Conference, starting September 22 in Juneau and due during the Annual Business meeting on Thursday, September 23, 2016 at 3:30 pm.  Newly elected board members will be announced at the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting.

Museums Alaska
PO Box 20153
Juneau, AK  99802

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